We ask that you agree to the following terms and conditions before applying for any of the cycling tours, lessons, or events operated by our community. Payment of the tour fee constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions.


Terms of Service

I understand that cycling is a risky activity, both indoors and outdoors, and I will follow all rules, regulations, and instructions set forth by the organizer, and I will participate in the event at my own risk, paying close attention to safety and health management. I agree to immediately cancel my participation in the event that I experience any physical or other health problems.

In the event of death, injury, or any other accident that occurs during the tour, lessons, or incidental events, I agree to take full responsibility for the incident and will not blame or hold the organizer, administrator, participants, or related parties responsible. This will not change even if the accident is caused by the organizer.

I understand and agree to participate in the tour/lesson, and agree that compensation for accidents and injuries during the tour/lesson will be covered by insurance purchased by the organizer (coverage includes: death and disability of 5 million yen, hospitalization insurance of 4,000 yen per day, hospital visit insurance of 2,500 yen per day, personal liability of 30 million yen, loss of personal belongings of 50,000 yen, and rescue expenses of 1 million yen).

If the organizer determines during an event or lesson that the event or lesson is unsafe to continue, the organizer will immediately follow the instructions of the organizer to cancel the event or lesson. We will follow the organizer’s instructions for safety management and operation.

In the event that I am injured, have an accident, or become ill while participating in a tour or lesson, I agree that first aid will be administered and I will not hold the organizer responsible for the method or results of such first aid treatment.

The Participant agrees to take full responsibility for his/her own property and equipment during the tour, lessons, and incidental events, and agrees not to hold the organizer or other participants responsible for any loss of or damage to such property or equipment. In the event of theft or damage due to gross negligence on the part of the participant, the participant agrees to indemnify the organizer and other participants for such loss or damage.

I agree that I have no objection if the tour or lesson is cancelled or rescheduled due to high winds, rain, snowfall or other weather conditions, natural disasters, incidents or accidents, and I agree that the participation fee will not be refunded in such cases.

I agree that no refund will be made in case of no-show due to my own reason, and that no transfer to another day’s program, transfer of participation right, or participation by proxy is allowed after two days before midnight of the event date due to my own reason.

I consent to the free use of my photograph and video clips on TV, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and other media, as well as on the organizer’s website, social networks, printed materials, etc., and to the use of my personal information obtained by the organizer and partner companies for the purpose of improving services to tour participants by e-mail, social networking, and other means. I agree that the organizer and partner companies may use my personal information for the purpose of providing tour participants with information on participation, confirmation, related information, next event information, and various services through e-mail, social networks, and other means.

The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information, complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and regulations, and handles personal information in accordance with the organizer’s personal information protection policy.


Cancellation policy

You can change the tour to another date up to two days prior to the tour. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to make the tour. If there is a difference in price, the difference will be charged to your account or refunded to you.

Cancellation without notice or rescheduling on the day before or the day of the event is not permitted. No refunds will be made for participation fees.


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